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Here you will find hundreds of the practical insights I gleaned from my years of living and years as a licensed psychologist (1980-2013). As a columnist, I’ve written many articles about relationships, including codependency and addiction. But I’ve also shared insights into happiness, self-growth, mental health, trauma, grieving and other life issues.

NOTE: I closed my practice in 2013 and surrendered my license to practice as a psychologist or even to call myself a psychologist. I now limit my work to coaching and consultation.

CONSULTATION:  I am available for consultation via Skype or telephone. For more information, click HERE.

Violence against women–it’s a men’s issue: Jackson Katz

Dr Neill Neill gets head shaved for Cops for Cancer

It’s nothing new for me to be supporting organizations that are raising money for cancer research or support of those living with cancer. It has become a more personal matter in the past few years as cancer took my son Richard, two sisters-in-law, two uncles, two first cousins and several clients. On the positive side, with the advancements in cancer detection and treatment that our funding has assisted, I have increasing numbers of relatives and others close to me that have survived cancer and got on with their lives. This did not used to happen. The numbers of Cancer Negligence Claims have gone down, that´s why many more patients have gone through treatment much more peaceful.

Neill loses his hair on September 26 in support of Cops for Cancer

However, having my head shaved in support of kids with cancer is something new for me. On Thursday, I and other members of the PQB News team are having our heads shaved as a fundraising effort.


This is me before.neill 13-9 (Watch for the “after”)






Continue reading Dr Neill Neill gets head shaved for Cops for Cancer

Personal Legacy: Remembering and Being Remembered

haornblatt auf kieselsteinenSeveral years ago when I had returned to Ontario for my oldest daughter’s Memorial service, I had an opportunity to visit my elderly aunt in her retirement home in the small town of Elmira. Great visit! Of my late father’s nine siblings, she is the only one still alive. Continue reading Personal Legacy: Remembering and Being Remembered

Addiction, Healing, and Transformation



My work as the consulting psychologist for a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center for men taught me a few things.

Most of the men were clear that they wanted to overcome their primary addiction. Additionally, many of them were clear that they didn’t want anything else to change. They didn’t want to lose their friends, their jobs, their marriages or their homes… Continue reading Addiction, Healing, and Transformation

Grace: Drilling Down to Core Values



Writing about grace was a personal challenge, because it forced me to drill down deep enough to identify the essence of what is important to me and how I manifest it in my life. I invite you to try it; it’s not that easy.

A lot of things are important to me — marriage and family, material well-being, health, humanity and our planet. And there are a host of other things that also have personal importance, but are less central — adventure, travel, sensual pleasures and intellectual stimulation. I’m sure you can come up with a good-sized list of things that are important to you.

I tackled the problem by thinking of people whom I have used as models in my own evolution. Five people stood out, three of them well known… Continue reading Grace: Drilling Down to Core Values