Help Your Kids Grow, and Then Let Them Go

 Parents with young children are totally involved in caring for and protecting their kids. They are enmeshed with their young children. That deep level of codependency of parent and child ensures the survival of the children.

But change comes quickly. Your kids learn to do things for themselves, and then demand to do them. They develop their own personalities.

You celebrate each time your young children learn to do something independently, like tie their shoelaces, hammer a nail or write a story. Then they enter the teenage years, those few years of rapid physical and emotional transition from childhood to adulthood. They feel sexual urges. They feel very “adult.” They begin to flex the independence you so strongly encouraged up to now.

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The Wisdom of Letting it Percolate

by Dr. Neill Neill, Registered Psychologist

Impatience with your wife or husband can bring you a mountain of grief.  Patience facilitates personal insights and growth. A couple of examples of impatience are in order.

You say "I stopped for coffee after I did the banking,"  and your spouse replies, "Why?  There’s coffee here."

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Alcoholism, Codependency and Intimacy

In my previous post, Alcoholism: Addiction with a Twist,  I commented on how addiction can lead to addictive or co-dependent relationships. I ended with,

“The benefits to all of overcoming an addiction to the wellbeing of another are far reaching, but as always, the healing process begins with awareness.”

Awareness alone doesn’t remove the problem, but it may produce a road map to wholeness. And with wholeness can come real intimacy.

Codependency is full of opposites

Imagine a husband and wife where the man is addicted to alcohol and the woman is addicted to him and his well-being. She has an intense pull towards her husband. She loses herself in the intensity of the need to care for him.  On the other hand she has a strong need to pull away from him and get a life for herself.

We have all seen it: one of them leaves and comes back, and then leaves again and comes back again. There seems to be no middle ground. It’s either total enmeshment or complete cut-off.

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Keep Your Marriage Boring

Marriage is supposed to be exciting. Everybody knows that… 

I’m going to look at marriage from another point of view. In my experience many a relationship has crashed because there was too much excitement, or at least, excitement of the wrong kind. 

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