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Practical Tips for Stress Management 3-Go on a “Presence Walk”

The “presence walk” is a great stress-management tool because it gets your mind off past and future stressors and into present time. There is no trauma in the present. The presence walk is important in avoiding the buildup of chronic stress. […]

Happiness and Accepting the Flow of Life

The ability to accept the flow of life without judgment is one of the secret ingredients to happiness. Acceptance does not mean that you have to like what you see, but denying reality never brings happiness to you or your community. Much unhappiness arises from intergenerational intolerance. […]

Why Labeling Your Child Can Sabotage Him for a Lifetime

Kevin at More4kids posted an important piece about the fact that labeling children or calling them demeaning names can do long-term damage to them. Parental pronouncements are swallowed whole and become part of the child’s view of the world. This childhood ability allows the child to learn huge quantities of information, attitudes and values without even thinking about it. […]

The Functioning Alcoholic and Memory Loss

Anyone who abuses alcohol long enough or heavily enough eventually will have problems with memory. The functioning alcoholic will have memory problems. His memory problems are simply less severe than those of the skid-row alcoholic. […]