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The Trauma of a Diagnosis of Cancer

Getting the diagnosis of cancer is traumatic, not just to the person living with cancer, but to everyone with a connection to that person, family, friends, and even the family doctor. […]

Self Growth and The Key to Knowing What To Do

An artist struggles with self doubt and wonders what to do when people don’t buy her work. Dr. Neill says, “As you really get to know yourself, knowing what to do will increasingly flow from your being rather than from external validation.” […]

After Drug or Alcohol Rehab: Four Relapse Warning Signs

Awareness is key to building a healthy, meaningful and fulfilling life after rehab. You need to be alert and aware to spot the early warning signs of relapse into addiction and take whatever action is necessary to maintain your recovery. Watch for what I like to call, “The Big Four Relapse Warning Signs.” […]