Can You Become Allergic to Alcohol?

Daniel emailed me to ask for my thoughts on the question “Can you have an alcohol allergy?” He recalled that I had mentioned I was allergic to alcohol in a talk I gave to a group of alumni of the Sunshine Coast Health Centre.

Dr. Neill NeillI was a functioning alcoholic when I was younger. But in my mid thirties I began having unexplained physical illness symptoms that eventually got me to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota.

During the prior year I had been hospitalized for a duodenal ulcer and later for a gall bladder attack, neither of which actually existed. I periodically got a sharp pain that ran from my left chest over my shoulder and down my left arm, so they checked me for heart problems. My heart was and is strong. I had periodic severe lower abdominal pain suggesting a hernia; I may have had a phantom hernia, but not a real one. My morning weight varied as much as 7 lbs with no change in activity, diet or alcohol consumption.

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Find Happiness and Fulfillment through Balance

Dr. Neill Neill

Sophie and Mary

thinkingI knew two women I’ll call Sophie and Mary. Sophie was about 30 and worked at a job, but she knew it was not what she should be doing to find fulfillment. The problem was she didn’t know what she was ‘supposed to do’. She was single, although she had been married for a few years in her early 20s. Ever since then she has been [tag-tec]soul searching[/tag-tec] for meaning and purpose in her life.

Sophie tended to stay to herself and think a lot. [tag-cat]Happiness[/tag-cat] was elusive. In fact she was showing signs of grief for reasons she did not understand. She wanted to have a sense of purpose in her life, but couldn’t find it. She worried about things like global warming and wondered if she could ever be in another relationship.

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