Energy Psychology’s EFT is Going to School

 Dr. Neill Neill

Kids getting on school bus.jpgA new website is about to launch. It could be big and it is already multinational. It’s called “School Made Much Easier” and it’s designed for students, parents, educators and [tag-tec]EFT[/tag-tec] practitioners. The website is Check it out and get your name on the advance notice list. The expected launch is in a couple of weeks.

School Made Much Easier is the brainchild and passion of Paul Widdershoven, an experienced EFT practitioner.

[tag-ice]Emotional Freedom Technique[/tag-ice], commonly known as EFT, is an energy-healing technique developed by Gary Craig (my teacher) in the 1990s. It has been so effective in reducing emotional distress that it is now used by psychologists, counsellors, medical doctors and educators around the world. What’s even more exciting is that tens of thousands of non-professionals use EFT as a valuable self-help tool.

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