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Healthy Marriage: Some Advice about the Five Conditions of a Lasting Healthy Marriage

Many marriages start off as good marriages, but over time turn stale or even hostile. At any given time huge numbers of couples are searching for ways to get their once healthy marriages back on track. There are five necessary conditions or factors which together can help you maintain (or rebuild) a strong, healthy marriage. […]

Committed to Change? How to Avoid a Major Self-Sabotage Trap

If you are like most of us, there are some things you’d like to change in yourself. Perhaps you’ve even made New Years resolutions to change. But do you sabotage your intentions without even realizing it. Would you like to avoid a major self-sabotage trap? […]

The Functioning Alcoholic: Gaps in Functioning?


As drinking and driving becomes less tolerated, many communities have volunteer programs, as well as paid services, to get people home safely if they’ve been drinking and shouldn’t drive. Their existence is a reminder that parties, family gatherings, weddings and other celebrations push up alcohol consumption. A few of all the people celebrating will already be […] […]