The Functioning Alcoholic and Achievement: Part Two


Part Two of The Functioning Alcoholic

In The Functioning Alcoholic: Gaps in Functioning I argued that doing one’s job is not one’s only function in life. For the alcoholic to consider himself to be “functioning” he has to function in various areas of life, not just on the job.  In part two of this series, I will talk about the functioning alcoholic and achievement.

Abandoned Dreams and Under-achievement

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Healthy Marriage: Four More Things You Can Do To Renew and Maintain a Healthy Marriage

Loving Marriage.jpgDr. Neill Neill

You are invited to take some time to reflect further on love and [tag-cat]marriage[/tag-cat], particularly on keeping, restoring and renewing love… Recall that my last article was "Healthy Marriage: Some Advice about the Five Conditions of a Lasting Healthy Marriage."


The five conditions were

Look after yourself first…do not merge your identities…enjoy the show…never stop doing things together for fun and laughter…if you want more excitement, take up skiing…

Can you think of four more renewal factors for a strong [tag-ice]marriage[/tag-ice]?

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