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The Good Marriage Can last a Lifetime

The idea of the good marriage is built into our psyches. We want it; we seek it; we enjoy life more and live longer when we are in a good marriage. A good marriage is fulfilling for both parties on all levels… and it lasts through all the personal growth and change that each will go through in life. Think of marriage as a sacred container… […]

Can the Functioning Alcoholic Last?: Part Three

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There is a third critical factor to bear in mind when questioning the functioning of a so-called “functioning alcoholic.” The first factor to consider was whether the alcoholic is functioning generally in life, or just in one aspect of life, like his job. The second factor was whether the alcoholic in achieving his potential and pursuing his dreams, not just getting by. […]

Facing a Possible Death in the Family: Surviving the Emotional Roller Coaster Ride and Making Room for Healing

One of my stepsons is gravely ill in hospital, and the past three weeks have been an emotional roller coaster ride for him and the entire family. He has been my son since he was 11; he just turned 40. This is a personal story of grief, love, anger, acceptance and gratefulness. […]