The Recession: Opt Out of the Negative Psychology for Emotional and Material Well Being.

eagles, rainbow and hopeRefuse to Participate

In the midst of a possible recession in the US and around the world, the fear out there is palpable. The economy is affecting everyone in daily living. What can be done? 

Many people are making decisions out of panic. Some are selling their retirement investments. Others are like the deer in headlights: they are frozen in their fear. They are unable to continue with holiday plans, house purchases, renovations, vehicle replacement and even dinners out.
As the media bandies about the “R” word, there are reports of people even failing to purchase required prescription medications.

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Domestic Abuse and Violence Awareness

domestic abuseDomestic violence and child abuse are two very sensitive topics. Yet, October is dedicated to helping people become aware of these two types of abuse and how to recognize an abusive relationship.  The article focuses on awareness of spousal abuse in particular.

I knew a man who regularly raged at his wife, but never in public, so few people knew about it. As his wife got better at not accepting unwarranted blame, his rages grew into smashing furniture and driving recklessly. He eventually assaulted her and broke bones. Then she left. He always believed she was at fault.