The True Ladder of Success

woman climbing ladder of success
Some people seem to succeed at whatever they put their minds to, almost as if they attract success. They are positive and happy; they seem just to play at what they do. At the other extreme, you find pessimistic and negative people. Life for negative people is a serious business, often filled with struggle and punctuated with failure.
Most of us live somewhere in between. You might look at a highly successful, happy person and think, “I’d be happy too if I were that successful.” Alternatively, you might picture a chronic failure you know, and think, “I’d be miserable too if I couldn’t succeed at anything.”
The word “success” evokes images of business or career; for example, the successful retailer, teacher, helicopter pilot, organic farmer or restauranteur…

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Grieving the Loss of a Daughter

My oldest daughter, Monique, died suddenly in December. It has been a difficult time, especially on top of the death of a son earlier in the year.

As a parent I can’t help but ponder the “why” question.

I wrote an article, Grieving the Death of a Child. The article is about grieving, not about alcohol use and abuse, although the latter may have been involved.

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Grieving the Death of a Child

Grief is an emotion we all will experience at some point in life. The loss through death of someone near to us is an inevitable part of life. Intellectually, we all get this truth, but experientially, it takes some of us a long time to get the lesson.

My oldest daughter, the mother of my first grandchild and the grandmother of my two great grandchildren, died suddenly three weeks ago in Ontario.

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