Does External Change Cause Internal Change in a Relationship?

life-changing event

Have you ever noticed that as you grow older in a relationship, each partner changes? Sometimes the change is internal brought on by a great external change in your relationship—like the birth of a new baby. Do you notice that your partner has changed? Or do you still view them as they were when you first got together?

Jane and John seem to be at an impasse…

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Overwhelmed? How to Conquer it

To do list
If you want to be at the top of your game, you must close cycles. The principles apply to your career, your marriage and your life. Overwhelm is a consequence of having too many open cycles.
A cycle begins with an intention, is followed by action and is closed by the fulfillment of that intention. I intend to eat broccoli with dinner, for example, so I wash some broccoli, cook it, serve it and, finally, close the cycle by fulfilling my intention to eat broccoli.
The example, of course is cycle within a larger cycle of eating a meal, and that is within a yet larger cycle of maintaining health. We call a cycle “open” the moment the intention exists. It stays open until the intention is fulfilled. Obviously, each of us has many cycles open at any moment in time.

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Good Communication and Personality Style

decision time
Good communication is the hallmark of a healthy relationship. However, communication often falters when one or both parties fail to take personality style into account, especially when making decisions. Guilty as charged…
One time I got a huge wake-up jolt. My wife said one day something like, “Let’s do _____ this weekend. This is what I would like to do. You usually make all the decisions.”

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Dieting-The Season that Follows the Holidays

For many people the holidays involve quite a bit of food and beverage intake in the celebrations; yes, even excess. Then in January dieting abounds and gym memberships surge.
In our family, typically, everyone would eat too much in December and gain a few unwanted pounds. Then, come the New Year, the list of New Year’s resolutions would include losing weight through some form of diet and fitness program.

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