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Happiness, Therapy and Money: Psychological Well-Being


We all want to have a sense of psychological well-being, that is, we want to be happy. So what do we do to gain happiness? We work harder. We buy lottery tickets. We invest. We do anything we can to improve our economic well-being, because we believe it translates directly into happiness. Furthermore, we do this as individuals and as a society. […]

A Change Agent Speaks on Change

My interest in change long predates my becoming a professional change agent. Why do people resist change, even though change is inevitable? […]

Grieving, Tears and Healing

Feeling sad? Grieving a loss? Anticipating a death? Sit yourself down, give yourself a hug and let the tears and healing begin. […]

The Real Reason You Resist Change

Some people view change as positive. Some people view it as negative. The fact of the matter is we all experience change at one point or another. So, why do we try to resist change? […]