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Clarity is the Point of Personal Power

woman in fog

To be personally powerful is to be in charge of yourself. With personal power, you are not a victim. If you can stay out of the five fogs, you can live your life with greater clarity and therefore, more personal power. […]

Alcohol Abuse Effects on the Family-Part One

Jekyll vs Hyde

I have been deeply moved by the depth of despair and confusion you are expressing in your identifying your most important question about alcoholism. I feel your pain. I am also aware of the presence of great moral strength. Here are questions from two women whose struggle is almost universal among women who live with drug and alcohol abuse and addiction… […]

Four Signs of Victimhood in Marriage

Man blaming

I have never come across anyone who says they enjoy being a victim. However, over and over I see people playing the victim card in their marriages. Let’s look at a few of the more blatant indicators of victimhood in marriage. […]