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When Adult Children Move Home

Alcoholic adult child

It seems to be happening increasingly these days. Children grow up, leave home, work, and then move back home. Sometimes it’s after five years. Sometimes it’s after 25 years. I’ve been there as a parent… a few times. Most adult children who move home do so as an expedient. […]

Life Purpose: Why are you here?

Life purpose?

Why are you here on this Earth? Why do you matter? These questions have been around forever in regard to finding purpose in life. Think back to when you were a child and heard your teachers, parents and other elders ask you, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Sometimes, with a little more awareness, they asked, “What do you want to do…” or “What do you want to create when you grow up?” I remember those days. […]

Five Silly Ideas That Can Hurt Your Marriage Relationship

Marriage Ceremony

Some of the old notions about marriage relationships, often stated as wise truths by our grandmothers, are still floating around and are still doing damage. One of them is never go to bed angry. […]