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How to Get the Benefits of Goal Setting without Actually Setting Goals

Focus on you future

The practice of setting goals has probably been around forever, but reached prominence a few decades ago. In the 70s every business, every government department and every solo professional was admonished to set annual goals and long-term goals. It was preached as the only way to achieve success. […]

Letter to my friend and mentor Rick Butts


Dear Rick, You’ve outdone yourself…again! I’m referring, of course, to your latest ebook, “7 little Choices that Can Wreck your Business (and your Life): A Warning” You address your book to “Idea Entrepreneurs,” that is, to all of us self-employed souls who create or attempt to create businesses based on our own ideas–all of us writers, speakers, consultants, coaches filmmakers, musicians, artists, mentors and self-employed teachers… […]

Find Identity Fulfillment through Courage and Humility


You have, not just one identity, but many. In any one day you may take on the identities of a spouse, a chef, a parent, an instructor, a plumber, a bookkeeper, and a driver. On Saturday morning you might assume the identity of a soccer coach. In fact, you change identities every time you do something different or new. In order to do anything in life you need to risk the non-survival of the identities you assume. To be able to take the risk you need two key ingredients. You need both courage and humility. […]