Anger Issues: What makes me Angry?

Anger is a normal healthy emotion, albeit a negative one. We all have anger issues at one time or another. When you experience anger, it is your body trying to tell you something is wrong, that “something is rotten in Denmark.” But what?

Not understanding your body’s message can lead to accusing your spouse of making you angry, or alternatively, stuffing the anger to avoid a fight. Either approach ultimately leads to reduced communication, distancing and alienation from your partner.

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Resolutions: How to Make this Year Different from the Past

Many of us take time at the beginning of each New Year to review our successes and failures of the previous year and make “resolutions” for the New Year. We want the New Year to be different and better. Unfortunately, many, if not most, resolutions are not kept. My focus here is on how you can succeed in making the New Year different from the past year.

Resolutions almost always involve doing something. The popular and classic example is getting in shape. The sale of gym memberships soars in January. The gyms are crowded at first, but by mid-February usage has tapered off, and by spring the crowd has thinned to the regulars and a handful of others.

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When is just getting an education more practical than a specialized degree?

I grew up in a world where young people were urged to stay in school and get an education. It didn’t matter what in; just get an education. At that time about 10% of high school students went on to get a college degree, less in non-urban areas.

That all changed in the 60s and 70s at a time when university enrollment was skyrocketing. The big shift was in terms of specialization. Students were urged to decide on a career and work towards getting the necessary training and credentials needed to pursue that career.

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