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Three Big Myths about Good Study Habits

college kids or students talking with laptop

Several decades ago I was involved in teacher training and taught educational psychology. A few traditional notions about good study habits were floating around, but unfortunately most had no evidence to support them. At best they were commonly held beliefs among most teachers, parents and students. […]

A Quiz about Alcohol Rehab for the High-Profile Professional

If you are a professional and recognize you may have a drinking problem, and are considering getting help in overcoming it, do yourself a big favor. Get your customized free assessment report by taking the quiz about alcohol rehab options. Your report will be based on how you answered the questions. […]

Feeling Distressed after the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

Japan earthquake map

The earthquake and tsunami in Japan have led to a huge loss of human life. We’ve all been glued to our televisions as the news has unfolded. Put whatever label on it you want, but the catastrophic events in Japan have been leaving a lot of us feeling ungrounded. […]

When are you old enough to have people stop telling you how to live your life?

Blame game

First off, let me be clear I am not talking about living outside society’s rules and expectations. If you shoplift, run a grow-op, drink and drive, smoke in the presence of others or abuse your family, there will always be people telling you how to live; there is no age limit. […]

Alcohol Addiction Treatment: From Twelve Steps to One Step


A shift in our collective thinking is taking place with regard to the treatment of alcohol addiction. There is increasing awareness that Alcoholics Anonymous is simply inappropriate for many people. Furthermore, increasing numbers of treatment centers are distancing themselves from the 12 steps model in their advertising. […]