Laugh Your way through Your Family Vacation

It’s vacation time. Two days from now you have about 1 ½ weeks off work. You, your spouse and two teens are heading off on a camping road trip. You find yourself working like crazy to get ready — there are so many details to think of and organize — and you find yourself wondering why you ever agreed to this type of family vacation.

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A Tribute to Parents

I have lived a charmed life. I was born to parents who had nothing materially, but who loved me deeply and were proud of me. There is nothing like parental love.  I seemed to know that from my earliest memories around aged one. Yes, I do indeed remember things back to just after my first birthday. My parents started me off on a charmed and happy life, and I thank them for it.

This is the time of year where we think about parents because Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day are in the early summer. I don’t do anything special on these days, but I do wonder sometimes just how much those whose parents are alive appreciate what they have.

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The Family Vacation Is Important for Mental Health

My wife and I were discussing vacations this morning and I realized we haven’t been practicing what I preach; and that’s bad, especially for a psychologist. Our last extended vacation of three weeks or more was eight years ago. And for the last five years, we have had a few solo vacations of 5 to 7 days, but little more than three or four days away together.

With all the family losses of the last five years, it’s not surprising we’ve neglected vacations, but neither is it healthy…

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