Being in Control of all Aspects of Life

There are two kinds of control over other people: wisdom-based control and fear-based control.

The most obvious example of wisdom-based control is in child rearing. You are in total control of your infant child. You help your child grow up healthy and confident by controlling their learning environment. You teach through words and example and you often say no.

As time passes your child becomes more independent and learns to make good decisions. Wisdom dictates that you turn increasing amounts of control over to your maturing child.

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Life Experiences—Turn your Past into Simple History

Celebrate the Present

The relationship between your past and your present is complex. Your experiences, particularly early life experiences, have affected profoundly who you are today. There is no such being as an a-historical person.

Consider the more recent past, say the last 20 years. Let’s suppose you were diagnosed with cancer 20 years ago and you went through a rigorous and exhausting treatment program of surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and many follow-up examinations. Through all that you were in the midst of surviving cancer. Then, 15 years ago the doctors declared you “cancer free.” There has been no recurrence.

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