What really is causing your low energy and fatigue?

When people ask me for help, one of the most frequent complaints is of being tired and not having enough energy to do the things they want to do. They also may complain of being overwhelmed and confused. Some use the expression “brain fog” and complain of not being able to think clearly.

The origins of low energy can be physical, emotional or spiritual. I won’t deal with the spiritual here, except to say the phrase that comes to mind is “dark night of the soul…”

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How do you handle the Changes in Life?

A little over three decades ago my life was humming along in a predictable way. The children were growing up with only two left at home. I had given up alcohol. Both my wife and I had good jobs – I as a university professor and she as a personnel officer for a large corporation. Our marriage was going well. In fact she commented one night “Our marriage is better than it’s ever been.”  I had no idea the big changes would be coming in my life…

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Turning Disadvantage into a Gift – A Personal Story

Our family was very poor. I was the oldest of four boys and my parents rented a house for $15 a month. It had electricity, but we didn’t have a refrigerator. We all used the outhouse equipped with last year’s Eaton’s catalog. We had no car, but dad got to his job by bicycle and somehow supported the six of us.

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