Lessons from Near Misses and Close Calls

From an early age whenever I wanted to try something new, my mother would grill me on my readiness: “How would you handle…?” “What would you do if…?” “and if that didn’t work…?” If and when she believed I had thought something through and would be able to keep a cool head when problems arose, she would give me the go-ahead. White-knuckle motherhood at its best!

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The Adventure that Is Life

I was the oldest of four boys, and after our father died, mother supported us by taking in sewing. We were quite poor. I got an afterschool job as the janitor in a factory; it was the only way I’d have any money.

After a couple of years I got bored with that, so I beat the pavement to just about every business in our small Ontario town. I found a job hammering nails. The cut in pay from $.40 per hour to $.30 per hour was worth it for the new experience. Unfortunately, this was to be a short-lived adventure; my new boss found out I was only 13, and child labour laws kicked in. I went back to my afterschool sweeping and toilets and kept a low profile…

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Stay Aware of Holiday Alcohol Abuse

While the holiday season is a time of joy for many, it can also be a dangerous time, especially if you tend to drink too much or are around others who may overdo it on the alcohol.

The suicide rate always goes up during the holidays, and studies indicate that alcohol is involved in one third of the completed suicides.

Motor vehicle accidents and impaired driving charges increase…

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Here you will find hundreds of the practical insights I gleaned from my years of living and years as a licensed psychologist (1980-2013). As a columnist, I’ve written many articles about relationships, including codependency and addiction. But I’ve also shared insights into happiness, self-growth, mental health, trauma, grieving and other life issues.

NOTE: I closed my practice in 2013 and surrendered my license to practice as a psychologist or even to call myself a psychologist. I now limit my work to coaching and consultation.

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