Life Perspective: Hope and Happiness

hope and happinessI invite you to join me (in spirit) and celebrating 12 years of writing a biweekly column for the Parksville Qualicum News. The editor titled the original column “The hope and happiness business: New columnist to explore the mind and problems big and small.”

The words “Hope and Happiness” became the enduring header for my columns. This is a personal article about where I come from in my writing…

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Rituals for Celebration and Life

Child`s baptismCelebration

Rituals play an important role in our celebration of important events. The rituals surrounding Christmas and Hanukkah tend to pull like people together and acknowledge that a year has passed. Birthday celebrations similarly mark a passing, albeit in a smaller circle.

Most societies still have rituals around coming-of-age. That’s why they are often called “rites of passage.” In the modern world we celebrate graduations…

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