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Change Your Mind and Change Your Reality

I became much less of a judge and much more of an observer. The shift has also made me much more relaxed about many things in life. Both of these outcomes have served me well in my chosen profession. […]

Bullying: Where does it Begin?

Recent suicides by adolescents and children in the wake of ongoing bullying have got us all thinking about bullying. It’s an uncomfortable topic, because so many of us at one time or other have been victims–bully or silent witness (another kind of victim). It’s a broad societal problem. […]

As Part of the Human Race, We Need to Be Inspired

If we can get individually to a place of self-acceptance, of acknowledgment to ourselves that we’re doing the best we can, in short, if we can be at peace with ourselves, then we can be open to inspiration to grow, to create, to love and to inspire others. […]

The Prison of Addiction

Being in an addictive cell too long leads to becoming an institutional case, just like being behind bars does. Some seek parole from this box, but then find life too uncomfortable. It’s very easy to get back in, and most do return to using a few times. […]

Alcoholics and Victims

The active alcoholic almost always sees himself as a victim. The most pervasive sign of this is his blaming other people and situations for his life. He blames his wife for making him drink. He blames his ex-wives and girlfriends for robbing him blind. He blames the economy for his underemployment. He blames his childhood for his chronic unhappiness. Nothing about his life is of his doing. […]