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Bullying: Where does it Begin?

Recent suicides by adolescents and children in the wake of ongoing bullying have got us all thinking about bullying. It’s an uncomfortable topic, because so many of us at one time or other have been victims–bully or silent witness (another kind of victim). It’s a broad societal problem. […]

The Paradox of the Need to Control

For the person with a high need for control, the dominant characteristic is not wisdom, but fear. They are at war with the reality that surrounds them–their community, their marriage or their workplace. They are forever trying to force these realities to be something they’re not. Their worlds become restricted and small. […]

Some Anxiety Problems are Really Alcohol Problems

Research shows that different people drink for different reasons. Alcohol use has many motivations, and isn’t always linked to anxiousness. Drinking and anxiety, however, are often connected. […]

Don’t Let Anxiety Become Chronic

I’ve been struck by the number of recent clients with anxiety problems. Anxiety is a warning that something is wrong and needs to be changed, challenged or avoided. It serves the all-important function of keeping us safe. […]

What really is causing your low energy and fatigue?

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The origins of low-energy can be physical, emotional or spiritual. I won’t deal with the spiritual here, except to say the phrase that comes to mind is “dark night of the soul.” […]