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Rituals Help Us Deal with Loss

If we live long enough, we all have to face loss. There are two very different rituals for dealing with loss, one following the loss and one preceding the actual death. […]

Rituals for Celebration and Life

Rituals play an important role in our celebration of important events. The rituals surrounding Christmas and Hanukkah tend to pull like people together and acknowledge that a year has passed. And then there are rituals that simply smooth social interaction and help us in life. […]

Morphic Fields: Be Careful Where You Focus Your Attention

Scientist Rupert Sheldrake writes about how every activity and thing that people think about has a “morphic field” around it. It is something like Carl Jung’s collective unconscious. The more people think and learn about a field, the stronger the field gets and the easier it is to tap into it. Alcohol addiction, for example, has a huge morphic field around it. […]

Stroke: Four Months out

A little over two months ago I updated you on my stroke recovery. A lot has happened since then, not just on the physical level, but also on the emotional and spiritual levels. It has now been four months since my stroke. […]

Appreciate the Flower Power

The blossoms and flowers are out in their full magnificence in Victoria B.C. where I was yesterday. I feasted my eyes on the flowering trees lining the streets and the daffodils. Back home a camelia is blooming in our own yard. I have always loved to drink in the energy of flower power. […]