Three Big Myths about Good Study Habits

Several decades ago I was involved in teacher training and taught educational psychology at the university level. A few traditional notions about good study habits were floating around, but unfortunately most had no evidence to support them. At best they were commonly held beliefs among most teachers, parents and students.

And today all these years later I find that my grandchildren are subjected to the same notions. The only difference is that now there is a lot more evidence that much of the traditional advice is just plain wrong. Let’s do something about it…

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Letter to my friend and mentor Rick Butts


Dear Rick,

You’ve outdone yourself…again! I’m referring, of course, to your latest ebook,  7 little Choices that Can Wreck your Business (and your Life): A Warning

You address your book to “Idea Entrepreneurs,” that is, to all of us self-employed souls who create or attempt to create businesses based on our own ideas–all of us writers, speakers, consultants, coaches filmmakers, musicians, artists, mentors and self-employed teachers.

As with your coaching and mentoring, your present yourself as light-hearted and funny, while hitting us with profoundly serious messages about ourselves and offering practical wisdom to help us make corrections and persevere.

Thank you, Rick, for painting a picture of each choice point so clearly that for a couple of them, it was like looking in the mirror and giving myself a fright. For others, I liked what I saw in the mirror because it affirmed that I had got that lesson.

You’ve also started something in me that may turn out to be a paradigm shift in my thinking about marketing. I’ll tell you about that the next time we talk.

I’m amused at how you priced “7 Little Choices” at $1 each.  Not bad when any one of them could be making the difference between success and failure.

You are offering something important, something that every idea entrepreneur could benefit from. Everyone else? Well, you win some, you lose some.

Best wishes in getting it out there.

Your friend,


Note: Get your instant download at 7 Little Choices .

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