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Personal Legacy: Remembering and Being Remembered

Think about it. As you look back over your life, do you remember the people with the most prestigious credentials, the most money or the most accolades? Or like me, do you remember those souls who cared and made a difference to your life? […]

Bullying: Where does it Begin?

Recent suicides by adolescents and children in the wake of ongoing bullying have got us all thinking about bullying. It’s an uncomfortable topic, because so many of us at one time or other have been victims–bully or silent witness (another kind of victim). It’s a broad societal problem. […]

Learning to Deal with Adult Alcoholic Children

In one of my articles I talked about how addiction and codependency can be two sides of the same coin. That generated yet another request for an article about dealing with alcoholic children. Having to deal with adult addicted children is something I could never wish on any parent, but sadly, it is a reality in many parents’ lives. […]

The Child may not be the Problem: Children of Alcoholic Parents

domestic violence

It has been said that parenting is the most difficult job in the world. Contributing factors such as alcohol and/or drug abuse by a parent can skew the entire family dynamic system and the child may act out with a variety of unacceptable behaviors. […]

Being in Control of all Aspects of Life

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There are two kinds of control over other people: wisdom-based control and fear-based control. The most obvious example of wisdom-based control is in child rearing. You are in total control of your infant child. You help your child grow up healthy and confident by controlling their learning environment. You teach through words and example and you often say no…then there is fear-based control… […]