What is the purpose of relationships?

Romantic couple drinking a toast to their many years together
Romantic couple drinking a toast to their many years together

Relationships are about learning, growth and connection, beginning with our first relationships with our parents. We did huge amounts of learning during those growing up years. Besides the physical stuff we learned language so we could communicate our needs and then begin to understand the needs of others. We learned the rudiments of love and connection.All of this was essential to our being able to connect successfully with others as adults. We are hardwired to seek connection with others and hardwired to seek intimacy…

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Rituals for Celebration and Life

Child`s baptismCelebration

Rituals play an important role in our celebration of important events. The rituals surrounding Christmas and Hanukkah tend to pull like people together and acknowledge that a year has passed. Birthday celebrations similarly mark a passing, albeit in a smaller circle.

Most societies still have rituals around coming-of-age. That’s why they are often called “rites of passage.” In the modern world we celebrate graduations…

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Personal Change: Do You Welcome It or Resist It?

The wall

Are you stuck facing your wall?

Imagine a major barrier blocks you in your life. It interrupts your growth as a man or woman. Let’s call it a wall. You know you don’t want to be where you are, but you feel stuck. You have tried to break through, but the wall is still in front of you. Such a scene plays out many times in the normal flow of life.

Some examples are in order:

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Spiritual Lesson: Motorcyclist gets Jolt of Spirit from an Unexpected Act of Generosity

Dr. Neill Neill

Sometimes life delivers a lesson, an image, a jolt that makes such a profound impression that it lasts a lifetime. This is a story of a simple act of generosity over 30 years ago that indelibly impacted me, materially and spiritually.

Not long ago in mid-November I was heading for California from Vancouver Island on my motorcycle. All the early-winter storms seemed to be happening elsewhere, leaving me with decent weather for my journey. The return trip along the California, Oregon and Washington coast was spectacular.

Blind beggarAs I rode south, I thought of earlier journeys.  I recalled a solo motorcycle adventure the year I first became a grandfather.

Two Boys and a Blind Man

That particular journey started in Eastern Canada and took me through Mexico and Central America.

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The Latest in Comprehensive Energy Psychology

Dr. Neill Neill

airport waiting areaHere I sit in the Vancouver International Airport terminal preparing a post while I wait for my flight to Chantilly, Virginia via Washington, DC. I am on my way to the ninth annual conference of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP).

I’ve been deeply involved in the [tag-tec]energy psychology[/tag-tec] movement and ACEP for seven years now, and I always come away from the annual conference recharged with innovations, insights and joyful reconnections with old friends. Energy psychology is the cutting edge of modern practical [tag-ice]psychology[/tag-ice]. As I have said before, I believe it will drag mainstream psychology kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

This year the plenary speakers are Dr. Rupert Sheldrake (The sense of Being Stared At), Dr. Christine Page (Spiritual Alchemy) and Her Holiness Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi who will speak on "The Art of Forgiveness." (Several of the experts featured in the movie, The Secret, have been past speakers at the ACEP conference.

The rest of the conference will be a smorgasbord of expertise and experience, the very latest stuff. The hardest part will be choosing among lots of excellent options.

I hope I’ll have time during the conference to report back to you on some of what’s happening. Stay tuned.

Psychologist Dr. Neill Neill maintains an active practice on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. He focuses on healthy relationships and life after addictions. He is the author of Living with a Functioning Alcoholic – A Woman’s Survival Guide.