Addiction, Healing, and Transformation


My work as the consulting psychologist for a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center for men taught me a few things.

Most of the men were clear that they wanted to overcome their primary addiction. Additionally, many of them were clear that they didn’t want anything else to change. They didn’t want to lose their friends, their jobs, their marriages or their homes…

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Moving beyond the Disease Model of Alcoholism

ChoisesA broad survey in the US showed that 90% of those polled believed alcoholism was a disease. However, a survey of medical doctors indicated that 80% of them thought of alcoholism as simply bad behavior. The American Medical Association regards it as a disease, but the American Psychiatric Association classifies alcoholism as a mental disorder (DSM-IV).

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Learning to Deal with Adult Alcoholic Children

Alcoholic adult childIn one of my articles I talked about how addiction and codependency can be two sides of the same coin. That generated yet another request for an article about dealing with alcoholic children.

It’s a difficult assignment for me because the psychologist who helps others with relationships tainted by any of a myriad of issues, including addiction, codependency and dealing with adult children and parents who abuse alcohol, has himself fallen into many of the same traps.

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Alcohol Abuse and Codependency: Two Sides of the Same Coin

addiction / codependencyAs my sister-in-law’s ex-military husband sank into his confined world of alcoholism, she refused to shrink along with him. She was very clear she would not go through another divorce. Instead, she vigorously pursued her garden, bridge and investment club activities. She maintained a strong bond with her middle-aged daughter and many friends‚Ķuntil cancer ended her life.

Her approach was not typical. To her credit, she chose to look after herself, rather than adjusting her behavior to keep the marriage in balance.

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A Quiz about Alcohol Rehab for the High-Profile Professional

Alcohol rehab optionIf you are a professional and recognize you may have a drinking problem, and are considering getting help in overcoming it, do yourself a big favor.  Get your customized free assessment report by taking the quiz about alcohol rehab options. Your report will be based on how you answered the questions.

The quiz and report will be of particular interest and relevance to you if you hold a high-profile position where public knowledge of your “problem” could be damaging to your credibility or or even put your license to practice at risk.

Professionals that immediately come to mind are medical doctors, lawyers, judges and politicians, but there are many others.

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