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When Is a Marriage Beyond Help?


What is the fail point in a deteriorating marriage? When is a marriage beyond help? The underlying issue often turns out to be that one or both parties do not want to be in the marriage. [...]

A Quiz about Alcohol Rehab for the High-Profile Professional

If you are a professional and recognize you may have a drinking problem, and are considering getting help in overcoming it, do yourself a big favor. Get your customized free assessment report by taking the quiz about alcohol rehab options. Your report will be based on how you answered the questions. [...]

Marriage Stress, Blame and Alcohol

Attempting to control

Life is full of events that lead to personal distress. And stress can build upon stress which can lead to marriage problems. If one of you drinks to reduce stress, in time the drinking itself causes stress and becomes a major roadblock to solutions. Quite naturally, you look around to see what’s causing your distress and the only person there is your spouse, so you instinctively blame him or her for upsetting you. [...]

Can You Stop Drinking Alcohol on Your Own?

The future

The fact is that many people have overcome an addiction to alcohol on their own without ever entering an alcohol treatment center or going to group meetings. I read recently that you’re three to six times as likely to be successful if you stop drinking alcohol on your own as you would be by going to a traditional treatment program… [...]

Work Stress: Hi-ho! It’s Off to Work We Go

Work Stress

In the history of the human race, work is how we have made our way in the world. We worked to survive. Work provided meaning and a sense of purpose in life. But, what happens when work causes stress? [...]