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When Is a Marriage Beyond Help?


What is the fail point in a deteriorating marriage? When is a marriage beyond help? The underlying issue often turns out to be that one or both parties do not want to be in the marriage. […]

Healthy Marriage: Some Advice about the Five Conditions of a Lasting Healthy Marriage

Many marriages start off as good marriages, but over time turn stale or even hostile. At any given time huge numbers of couples are searching for ways to get their once healthy marriages back on track. There are five necessary conditions or factors which together can help you maintain (or rebuild) a strong, healthy marriage. […]

Committed to Change? How to Avoid a Major Self-Sabotage Trap

If you are like most of us, there are some things you’d like to change in yourself. Perhaps you’ve even made New Years resolutions to change. But do you sabotage your intentions without even realizing it. Would you like to avoid a major self-sabotage trap? […]

Trust and the Healthy Family

Difficulty trusting yourself and others can create havoc in relationships. It may lead to an inability to commit, fear of intimacy or promiscuity. Major trust issues can evolve into suspiciousness, jealousy, stalking, spousal assault and even murder. The origins of inability to trust are usually found in childhood. Children who have been sexually abused, betrayed, abandoned or put in danger often have big trust issues as adults. […]

Marriage: Seven Questions to Consider in Choosing your Ideal Marriage Partner

Choosing well is the foundation for a good marriage. The good and bad outcomes of your choice will shape your life, whether a first or later marriage, a Christian marriage, a common-law marriage, a mixed race marriage or a same sex marriage. […]