After Marriage Failure: Could We Make It Work Again?

A reader wrote, “If my husband who has been gone for a year and is with another woman decided to… change his life around and come back to his family, do you think we could ever make it work again. I ask this because I ponder why you never tried to correct your previous relationship and I wonder why.”

This is an excellent question, albeit with a personal twist…

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Is there a Key to Longevity?

long life

There comes a time in life when we all begin to realize that we are not immortal. However, some people seem to live longer. Is there a key to longevity?

I recently attended the memorial service for my friend David. He died in his 87th year. David was a war hero and veteran of the Second World War and the Korean War. He lived a long and productive life, the last 40 years of it with his wife Arlene.

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Grieving the Loss of a Daughter

My oldest daughter, Monique, died suddenly in December. It has been a difficult time, especially on top of the death of a son earlier in the year.

As a parent I can’t help but ponder the “why” question.

I wrote an article, Grieving the Death of a Child. The article is about grieving, not about alcohol use and abuse, although the latter may have been involved.

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