Self-Betrayal is the Ultimate Betrayal

Self-betrayalPolonius’s counseled his son in Shakespeare’s Hamlet:

This above all: to thine own self be true.

After my first wife and I separated, I dated and fell in love with a woman who lived some distance away. I was enamored with this person who seemed to be able to accept me as I was. Then one day she commented that I was living in my head…

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Self Growth and The Key to Knowing What To Do

Scotish Thistle.jpgI recently read a touching post from an internet friend and artist, Janine. Thank you, Janine, for baring your soul and inspiring me to write this post.

Janine paints beautiful abstracts and is also an excellent photographer. She displayed her work at a craft fair and sold only two small pieces, and those to a fellow exhibitor. She is passionate about her work, but she lost money on the show.

Janine has some medical problems which limit her ability to pursue regular work. That, combined with the craft fair failure, led her to say,

“I feel such a failure as a human being… At the moment I am fighting doubts about what I am doing and have a sense of continued failure.”

Janine, you are not unique in your struggle with disappointment and the absence of external validation for what you do. In fact, it is the core problem that most of my clients have when they come to me for help.

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