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In Love Again?

As human beings we are social creatures and seem to be hardwired to be in relationships. Previous to about a century ago marriages lasted on average less than nine years, ending with the death of one. The survivor would remarry and stay married until one of them died. Serial monogamy is alive and well today, the only difference being that divorce replaces death in the transition to a new relationship. […]

New (or Old) Relationship? Watch your language!

It’s hard to build a happy, productive life or a lasting relationship on a complaint. People get tired of their marriages and their friendships. They often feel stuck and sometimes hopeless. The question is, how do you avoid starting relationships based on a negative focus? […]

Transitions: Ex-spouses, Friendships and Blended Families

When two people get married for the first time, they seldom anticipate ever being part of a blended family. However, blended families, and how we transition into them, are facts of modern life. […]

How to End a Relationship

There are many ways to end a relationship. But many troubled relationships can be turned around, especially if things have not been left simmering for too long. […]