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Dr Neill Neill gets head shaved for Cops for Cancer

Having my head shaved in support of kids with cancer is something new for me. On Thursday, I and other members of the PQB News team are having our heads shaved as a fundraising effort. […]

Dr Neill Neill Interviewed by Kenneth Anderson of HAMS

Kenneth Anderson of HAMS (Harm Reduction for Alcohol) interviewed me as a guest on his radio program on Thursday, August 30. The recording of the show is below. If there’s any problem with the recording, you can go directly to blog talk radio: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/harm-reduction/2012/08/31/if-your-spouse-drinks Listen to internet radio with Kenneth Anderson on Blog Talk Radio […]

Stay Focused on What you Want

blue eye

Stay focused on what you want. If you find yourself focusing on what you don’t want, whether it be lack of money, loss of friends, illness, getting too fat or your adult children taking big risks, don’t be too hard on yourself. You are bombarded daily with negative media stories and advice telling you what not to do and what disasters may follow if you ignore the advice. […]

Alcohol Abuse Effects on the Family-Part One

Jekyll vs Hyde

I have been deeply moved by the depth of despair and confusion you are expressing in your identifying your most important question about alcoholism. I feel your pain. I am also aware of the presence of great moral strength. Here are questions from two women whose struggle is almost universal among women who live with drug and alcohol abuse and addiction… […]

Happiness, Therapy and Money: Psychological Well-Being


We all want to have a sense of psychological well-being, that is, we want to be happy. So what do we do to gain happiness? We work harder. We buy lottery tickets. We invest. We do anything we can to improve our economic well-being, because we believe it translates directly into happiness. Furthermore, we do this as individuals and as a society. […]