Morphic Fields: Be Careful Where You Focus Your Attention

Hiking in Canadian RockiesI hiked one day with a woman I’ll call Laura. She shared with me that she had just lost her husband. She said that for a number of years he had been obsessed with avoiding all foods and environmental toxins that had any claimed connection to cancer. I asked her how he died and she replied, “Cancer of course. His body was totally riddled with it.”

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Back to Life: Dr Neill Neill Is Back

miracle girlLast February my brother and his wife took Eileen and me to Malaysia to stay with them for two weeks. It was a wonderful trip, loaded with new sights and sounds and culinary delights.

One happening is burned into my memory forever. On our last day we walked on a small isolated beach called Miami Beach. We stopped at the one tiny café for a coffee and samosa. In chatting with the Indian couple who owned the café, we discovered that it had been wiped out in the Boxing Day tsunami of 2004. The husband had been out buying supplies and was safe. His wife was on the steps beside the café and managed to scramble out of reach of the crashing wave.

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Stroke: Four Months out

A little over two months ago I updated you on my stroke recovery. A lot has happened since then, not just on the physical level, but also on the emotional and spiritual levels. It has now been four months since my stroke.

The Physical

When I last wrote, I was moving around the house with a two-wheeled walker. I graduated to a four-wheeled walker that I could take outside. By late May I had switched to two canes. June brought a return to driving much to my delight and relief…

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