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Alcoholics and Victims

The active alcoholic almost always sees himself as a victim. The most pervasive sign of this is his blaming other people and situations for his life. He blames his wife for making him drink. He blames his ex-wives and girlfriends for robbing him blind. He blames the economy for his underemployment. He blames his childhood for his chronic unhappiness. Nothing about his life is of his doing. […]

Take Charge of Your Life

The good news is that to lead a meaningful, fulfilling and mostly happy life, you need to take charge of living your life. Being more in charge of your living, however, is not an all-or-nothing thing. You begin with the choice to take charge of something, and then follow that choice with a myriad of further choices. […]

Four Signs of Victimhood in Marriage

Man blaming

I have never come across anyone who says they enjoy being a victim. However, over and over I see people playing the victim card in their marriages. Let’s look at a few of the more blatant indicators of victimhood in marriage. […]