Violence against women–it’s a men’s issue: Jackson Katz

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Dr. Neill Neill retired his psychology practice at the end of 2013. He maintains an active coaching practice via telephone or Skype with select clients dealing with alcoholic husbands or ex-husbands. Check out his book, Living with a Functioning Alcoholic: A Woman's Survival Guide.

2 thoughts on “Violence against women–it’s a men’s issue: Jackson Katz

  1. I live with an Alcoholic Husband. He is a binge drinker along with an occasional beer or two or three a few nights a week. He is a highly functioning alcoholic, as he is a CEO OF A MENTAL HEALTH FACILITY! ( imagine that).
    As I write this we are now separated and I have filed for divorce. It is the hardest thing I have ever had to do, as I love him. I just can’t take the irrational behaviors when he binge drinks. He says awful , cut-throat things to myself, his family, and my children. He has had an alcohol related accident recently and because of a dang good lawyer there were no alcohol charges and the other 2 charges went to city court. He remains very verbally and mentally abusive. Everything is my fault, he twists the truth so he looks good and I look like the crazy one. It’s so awful!! I love him so much and cry daily. He has been gone from the home since January but we continue to see each other. One day he loves me beyond believe, the next he hates me and I am a worthless person with all kinds if psychological problems. He demands respect, one because he is the “man”, and secondly because of his long list of higher education and his current CEO position. I have started counseling once weekly, and we have started marriage counseling, but when he gets angry he doesn’t show up. He refused to admit he is an alcoholic or get help. He has been to jail because of his recent drinking accident, and has now refused to allow my children to see his children because he did not tell his children he went to jail. My children know because I had to leave the house at 2 am in the morning to drive 2 hours and wait almost 20 hours to get him out if jail. I had no choice but to tell my ex why I needed him to take the kids. So, with that being said, I am now a white trash mom who has no boundaries with my children. This is all so heartbreaking to me and I am barely functioning. I don’t eat, don’t sleep, and I am working on Failing a very important class in the Family Nurse Practitioner program I am currently enrolled in. What do I do? How do I just cut all ties from him? It hurts so bad!!

  2. I just found your blog. I’m also a psychologist and will be retiring from my practice at the end of this year. I recently started my own blog because I’ve wanted to write and share psychology news, insights and humor with others. I’m glad I found you and will look forward to following you.

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